Purpose of January@Exodus

During January 2013, I hope to interact with refugees who primarily hail from Burma/Myanmar, Iraq, and Eritrea as a Reception & Placement Intern at Exodus Refugee Immigration (based in Indianapolis).  I’d like to observe the ways in which refugees acclimate to the U.S. to determine how best the U.S. can welcome refugees of human rights violations.

To combine a humanitarian approach with an academic one, my January will emphasize two tasks:

1 – Fulfill my role as a Reception & Placement Intern.  I’ll assist refugees as they apply for social security and welfare benefits, attend medical appointments, and acclimate to the States.

2 – Research the genocide in Myanmar/Burma to provide academic backing for my interaction with refugees.  I’ll examine the roots of the genocide, the groups it has affected, and the policies that have and continue to exacerbate or mitigate the genocide.

If I receive affirmation of the internship, I’ll write two to three blog posts a week.  I look forward to working with Exodus and chronicling my thoughts on this blog.



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