At first, I intended this blog to serve as a space in which I could record the impressions, convictions, frustrations, and joys I experienced while helping refugees (primarily those fleeing Myanmar) acclimate to my home-city during January 2013.  When my stint with my city’s refugee organization concluded, my blog grew silent.

After a four month stay in Geneva, Switzerland, I’ve determined to revive this old vehicle for written thoughts.  In Geneva, I made a friend whom I physically lost to death.  His death and the tender life I experienced afterwards altered my perception of life and of death.  From the moment our fragile and miraculous forms take shape in our mothers’ wombs, we begin to die.  We also begin to live.  In between, we choose how to set our feet in the “wet concrete” of living time (N.D. Wilson).  With this blog, I intentionally lower my feet into the pain and glory of human existence through the written word, which is as broken as any other part of humanity.


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